The BreadCast
Daily Exposition of the Readings of Catholic Mass, from the book 'Our Daily Bread' by James H. Kurt (now with Chanted Verses, and added text of Prayer for the Day). Additional cast - SaintsCast, entries from the book 'Prayers to the Saints' (also by James Kurt). Both books bear imprimatur.

          O great Pontiff

          who stood as a bulwark

          against the culture of death

          threatening to overtake mankind,

          who served to bring down the Enemy

          with the sacrifice of your life and your many works:

          under the Mantle of Our Mother,

          you gathered the youth of the world as one

          to hear your ringing exhortation;

          you enlightened minds

          assailed by doubt and despair;

          you taught men and women the language of love

          the Lord wrought into our very bodies…

          for you knew the power of the Cross

          and carried it till the end,

          finding light in the dark night of suffering.

          The gates of Hell could not stand

          against your invocation of the Spirit –

          pray we too shall open wide

          the doors for Christ

          and fear no evil as we entrust ourselves

          entirely to our Redeemer

          and His Divine Mercy.

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