The BreadCast
Daily Exposition of the Readings of Catholic Mass, from the book 'Our Daily Bread' by James H. Kurt (now with Chanted Verses, and added text of Prayer for the Day). Additional cast - SaintsCast, entries from the book 'Prayers to the Saints' (also by James Kurt). Both books bear imprimatur.

               O wise virgin

               so willing to leave your people behind

               to wed the only One

               who could win your heart,

               the Lord Jesus Christ,

               you were not swayed

               by punishment or persecution

               to renounce Him whom you loved

               but remained humble and diligent

               in your chastity and poverty and penance,

               sleeping on thorny mats

               for your Bridegroom and your persecutors –

               pray we too will be led into the desert,

               into the wilderness where God speaks,

               that we, too, might be espoused to Him

               and wait patiently for His coming,

               when all our scarred faces

               will be transformed as yours by His glory.

               Pray every tribe and tongue and nation

               will come in innocence before the Lord

               and so be adopted

               as sons and daughters

               of the great King.

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