The BreadCast
Daily Exposition of the Readings of Catholic Mass, from the book 'Our Daily Bread' by James H. Kurt (now with Chanted Verses, and added text of Prayer for the Day). Additional cast - SaintsCast, entries from the book 'Prayers to the Saints' (also by James Kurt). Both books bear imprimatur.

          O humble and joyful Shepherdof loving Mother Church

          who desired so

          to bring her balm of mercy

          to a confused and bitter world,

          that it might become more fully human

          by imbibing of the fountain

          of her life-giving doctrine

          and so discover the love and peace

          it so desperately seeks

          in vain ideologies

          that pass like mist

          in the light of the Lord Jesus Christ –

          pray we all find our dignity

          in Christ and in the Church

          He founded for our salvation;

          pray the eternal Truth

          She teaches in His Name

          will not be obscured by Satan’s wiles

          but take root in the soil of Christian love

          and be welcomed by all souls

          who desire to possess a smile of joy

          in the presence of God.

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